We have embedded the fonts in the Sinhala PDF files, so you don't have to download Sinhala fonts for reading our Sinhala articles. For whatever reason you are having with problem seeing Sinhala articles correctly, download the fonts from the following link.

http://www.info.lk/slword/kaputaunicode.htm (Sinhala font downloading site)

Select the correct Kaputa Sinhala font from the downloading site (Down load FREE Fonts for Sinhala PDF Reading)

When you download the zip file with fonts.

Once you unzip fonts (use winzip).

Install the font or just copy and past in to the font list (in font folder) in your computer. The path of the Font folder is as follows:

Start > Settings > control panel > fonts >then select install new font, then select the fonts to install in windows or simply copy font into c:\windows\fonts folder

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